molly sohr - travel guide

JUNE 2018


1.  London Eye | *if you happen to be there on the weekday try to do this then.  Weekend's are known to be super crowded BUT this is the best view of the city.  Add in champagne during your ride! 

2.  Buckingham Palace | These gorgeous grounds are a must, the landscaping alone is something to see! 

3.  Hyde Park | what was erected to be a hunting ground in the 1500's is now a gorgeous, open to the public, park in the middle of the city.  Best to just take a stroll + people watch.  

4.  Westminster Palace + St. Paul's Cathedral (plus the Thames River is nearby!) This was a whole day excursion but was incredible to see.  The Palace grounds are spectacular so even though I'm not normally a museum girl I would say this was worth it to see all the history come to life.  PLUS it was pretty surreal seeing where the newlyweds just got married less than a month ago.  tip// go early in the morning to avoid the least amount of crowds.  ALSO the "changing of the guards" is great to see but from start - end it takes 30 minutes.  If you time it right you can see all that you need to in the last 5 minutes.  


1.  sketch | centrally located + gorgeous / trendy spot

2.  the ivy chelsea gardens | centrally located + gorgeous / trendy spot, also a restaurant so stay for early dinner.

3.  the ritz | jacket required for men, a formal tea spot.  

4.  the rosebery lounge @ the mandarin oriental | formal but in a high end area overlooking hyde park 

5. number sixteen, south kensington | a trek but very serene, must have reservations

6.  Cliveden house | we did this on the day we visit Westminster Palace + the grounds of Cliveden are S T U N N I N G so it was worth it in that.  No formal wear necessary   

Tea at the Cliveden House 

Cliveden House Gardens 

Cliveden House Gardens 

E A T 

I'm sure there are amazing spots to eat in London, here are just a few notable ones we ate at + LOVED. 

1.  Chilltern Firehouse | M U S T go.  

2.  Ham Yard Hotel  | a beautiful hotel bar + restaurant 

3.  Casa Cruz  | in the knotting hill area, great new spot to explore..go early to catch a drink nearby! 

4.  MNKY HSE | turns into a super fun club the later your reservation is for.  Perfect for a fun night out.  

5. Good Egg  | great for breakfast / in a cute shopping area afterwards.  





1. Fitz's | great mixology cocktail bar

2.  RADIO rooftop bar | amazing views of the city + delicious cocktails.  A place you stay a while.   

3.  Rumpus Room @ mandarin oriental | rooftop bar with views of Hyde Park

4.  CAHOOTS | an underground gem of a bar, you are welcomed by a doorman asking you if you are there for the train..say yes.   

5.  PUBS / london is filled with English Pubs on every popular street corner.  If you want the true London experience ...go to a pub and ask for a pint and fish + chips .   



THE FLOWERS | My favorite part of London all in all was the interiors of these beautifully restored OLD buildings + florals EVERYWHERE. Whether it was a nondescript art gallery or popular restaurant / shop their floral decor was an inspiration.  My favorite part was just walking around taking it all in! So for this I would have a day set aside to get lost. 

THE COUNTRYSIDE | besides the beautiful hustle + bustle that London brings, one of the best parts of the trip was exploring the countryside, in Oxfordshire.  I highly recommend this + it was the most relaxing part of our vacation.