a thankful dinner.

Back in September I was asked to throw a lovely engagement dinner party at a beautiful farm west of Nashville.  I feel it perfectly translates to a thanksgiving dinner.   At each place setting there was a handmade leather journal from Forrest Nine shop + pencil in order to give the couple well wishes for their big day.  Just like what you would do on thanksgiving day but instead list out what you are thankful for this year.  

I think being thankful should not be limited to just one day - much like this dinner it should be random nights in September/ whenever you feel like celebrating!  You should never have to limit your graciousness to one day.  Count your blessings everyday.  

EXTRA thankful for this wonderful photographer friend, Austin Gros !

Dinner party goods:

tabletop, leather chairs, mirrored bar, and grey couch | 12th table

catering | the salted table

florals +design (click to see more photos) | molly sohr