T H E C E D A R L A N E.


No one is ever perfect, and we are all a work in progress.  In this journey called life there are things that we do knowing at the time they may not be right for us.  

By doing those things you learn a lot but most importantly... you grow.  

I grew up in Destin, Florida and I have been working since I was 14, I truly enjoy working + have done many things people would probably walk away from: cleaned toilets, mopped floors (after many children lost their lunch on them), churned butter (?yes, weird.), waited tables (people can be horrible), cleaned fish, sold beer on a golf course... the list goes on.  BUT what I realized a year after college was...well that was all fun but it was time to get focused.  I have been event planning for a few years now for a wonderful company in Nashville- I knew I loved it but I kept wanting more.  

I LOVE putting together an event or design project for someone else. I have always had an intense passion for everything design. 

Seeing the outcome of an event is incredibly rewarding: bonding with clients + month's of hard work that come together in a matter of hours.  Specifically weddings: it's especially an amazing honor to be apart of someone's "best day ever". At almost every one of my weddings I feel a sense of accomplishment for contributing to society in a positive way.  






However, as much as I enjoyed this I still wanted to create something that felt like ME.  I have always worked for someone else and being raised by an entrepreneur father I decided at a young age that was what I wanted, whatever it may be, I wanted to be the designer of my OWN life.  


I kept reflecting on what "success" meant to me. Right when I moved to Nashville (six years ago this fall) I fell in love with a home/ the entire street...Cedar Lane (in between belmont+12s).  I always thought of it as the ultimate "GOALS".  Although my husband + I don't live there: that's what it will always represent to me: "GOALS" to work towards designing my own life

Creating The Cedar Lane is a compilation of everything I love and want to share with others: it's my style, my interests, my dreams and my way of creating freedom. Hopefully throughout this process I can bring inspiration + positivity to those who seek it.  Although my path was a a tad bumpy and my destination is still unknown at least I am doing it instead of wondering "what if".  

Thanks for following along. -Molly

PS. I KNOW, I was not an "English Major" but this is my page and I do what I want :) #yolo