Another favorite thing about FALL is that October is Dahlia season. Which are some of my favorite flowers! It was such a treat being invited out to the Natchez Glen farm to see the Dahlias in bloom (plus they have roses as well!). I loved being able to take a bucket of these beauties home + it’s a great thing to do by yourself to fill your home with the best priced stems in town, go with friends + eat at Loveless Cafe afterwards, or this would be a great mother/ daughter activity as well! See below to how I used my pretty picks.

The dahlia’s are so robust in color so I thought the perfect place for them was surrounded in neutrals fireside with my favorite combination, wine + cheese. There is nothing I love more than a cozy night in…


still on the lookout for pumpkin decorating ? these are my favorite every year! (and the best part…they don’t rot!)