the nordstrom sale.

Wondering why almost EVERY "blogger" is throwing the Nordstrom sale out there on every post? The commission from Reward Style (liketoknowit) is significantly higher [on all sale products] for the next few of Nordstrom right? ..that's not all. 

I like to keep it real on here first job out of college was with Nordstrom.  It is an amazing company [to work for + to shop at] but they are filled with super smart sales tactics the 2x a year "anniversary sale".  So now knowing what I know, I thought why not share?? ...This sale is a creation of ONLY Nordstrom's house brands (halogen, caslon, zella, treasure + bond to name a few) partnership brands (vince, vince camuto, j crew, madewell).  They are all custom products that are created JUST for this sale.  So they have complete control of what products will make the most bang for their buck + what will bring in the most income for a "discounted" rate. All the while giving you the thought of "saving big" / incentivizing those with larger social platforms via the high commission rate... They also create hype through this "access only" week which 100% is to get you to sign up for a card (which is also via their in house bank- yep, Nordstrom has it's own bank) So you feel the need to jump in the car on day 1 that it is open to the public. BRILLIANT right?  

Anyways, don't get me wrong there are some good finds / great fall staples (HUGE Vince lover) but overall I I have to say I am never THAT impressed with this sale. It is a great time to shop for discounted basics but nothing is overwhelmingly awesome.  I still found some items so below here are my favorites...

ALSO if you like any of the items just click the photo + shop gives me commission! Every girl needs a side hustle.