This time last year I did a series of events hosted by Pencil + Paper Co. and George Dickel whiskey.  Both events were lovely spring days filled with education, whiskey + good company. 

The first was held at Whites Mercantile in 12S neighborhood....

SEE MORE HERE | thank you Austin Gros Photography

The second was a Sunday brunch held at Husk, before the guests dined they enjoyed authentic bluegrass music from Mystic River band.

See more here | Thank you Clark Brewer Photography 

Personally, I realized after producing these events that they were the start of many for me....  I loved creating "branded" events that leave guests talking about experiences instead of something they saw scrolling on their phones via Facebook's creepy algorithm.  When we get away from our screens we interact, we socialize, and we make memories ...ALL served over a whiskey sour.