it's a perfect day to relax, drink good wine, hang out with friends or lay low for the week ahead.  This past Sunday was especially great. We hosted pizza night + my go-getter friend Lara (dietitian/ creator of the Well Fed Guide ) came over, b o o m. synergy.  we decided every month would feature a new recipe + dinner theme to share... starting with this post! 


"pizza doesn't have to be covered in guilt, especially when you make your own at home.  Go heavy on the veggies (or fruit in this peach pizza case!) for added fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Go lighter on the cheese and you have a balanced meal:  whole grain crust, fruit and protein from dairy or whatever other animal/ plant based sources you may choose"  - Lara, The Well Fed Guide


My thoughts: it wouldn't be a dinner party without a pretty table + fresh flowers. I found this gorgeous peachy colored cloth at Pottery Barn to add to the theme.  (know: this is not full size for a 8ft table, this was on a smaller table + usually used as a "throw" over a regular table cloth) I went to our local whole foods for the flowers and just kept the arrangement all white since the print was a bit dramatic. 

Finally, who knew marble coasters made amazing "placecards" ? You can write on them using this pen (usually for wine glasses but it worked perfectly on this).  When you are finished it is easily removed with a little soap + water.   

Thanks for following along - until next month. 


all ingredients found at whole foods: wheat dough | rosemary sprigs | fresh farm peaches | truffle burrata | olive oil | almond pesto | truffle salt |


TIP: buy the FRESH pre made dough at Whole Foods, it makes a huge difference in your crust. | preheat oven to 425 | spray nonstick on your pan | place crust + add olive oil and pesto to the base | add toppings: rosemary, burrata, and peaches | place in oven for 15 min!  are you a meat lover? add proscuitto after the pizza has cooked